Posted by Jake Mazotas, Student on team #177, Bobcats, from South Windsor High and International Fuel Cells.

Posted on 3/12/99 4:58 PM MST

Joe, I see that you are about as curious as me. I can offer a little information. I got a call from philly a little while ago, after today’s events. I was told that my team, 177 was currently in 13th position, and has won every match. He said that our alliance partners had some problems, but our robot was doing great on its own. and our robot was doing great. He also said that there are a lot of quality teams in competition, and that chief delphi looks “solid” So, looks like you guys are probably doing OK! any more info is appreciated…

I now have to decide if I want to get up at 4am and drive 4 hours to catch tomarrow events. Catch you later