Posted by Stephen at 03/16/2001 3:48 PM EST

Student on team #122, NASA Knights, from Grafton High School (Robotics team is at NHGS) and NASA.

I was just wondering how many of you are going to Philly. Our team (team #122) is going, and we’re looking forward to it. We were at Richmond (in which we made the semi-finals), and are looking forward to the smaller size of Philly. We only had 6 matches at Richmond, but I’m told we could have 10 (or more?) matches at Philly. Anyway, if you see us in the pits (team 122), pleas say hi, stop and look at the robot, or talk to us. Just get to know us.

Posted by Carolyn Duncan at 03/16/2001 4:35 PM EST

Student on team #495, The Pack, from Jamestown High School and VBEP/Raytheon/Saic.

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Posted by Stephen on 03/16/2001 3:48 PM EST:

Hey Steven, 495 is not going to Philly but we wish you’re team luck competing! But most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! Let us know how ya’ll do and when the pix will be up (From Philly and VCU). Oh! By the way, when are you going to teach me your language? Tell everyone I said to stay “saucy” while in Philly. (Ha Ha Ha).
Team 495

Posted by Ken Wilson at 03/16/2001 5:40 PM EST

Engineer on team #248, FEMEX, from Philadelphia Girls High and PECO Energy Company.

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Posted by Stephen on 03/16/2001 3:48 PM EST:

Stephen - TEAM 248 will look you up. If you need anything - anything at all - just ask. We may be rough on the outside, but Philly folks know the meaning of hospitality. There will be plenty of other hometowners - so you won’t be able to avoid getting to know us.

…redefining team spirit here in the city.

Good Luck and have a safe journey - kenny