Philly's regional, are you going?

just wondering whos going to the Philly’s regional, ya know so i can keep an eye out for ya and say whats up

I will be there, with MOE. I cant wait to see all the great teams at Philly again this year.

I’ll be there as a volunteer, I’m the regional managers’ assistant, so look for the girl with the headset running around like crazy (but apparently looking like I know what I’m doing, so I’ve been told…)

I’ll be there with the rest of my team, possibly in the pits for some of the time. Our team is staying at the Hilton at UPenn, if anyone else is staying there.

awesom i’ll keep an eye out for you guys. this will be my first regional so i’m siked lol. we live right ouside of west philly so we’re staying at our houses, just gotta wake up every morning early to drive there but oh well fine wit it. can’t wait i’m hyped about it, i actually fell out of my desk when i found out next week is spring break! watch out for the short asain girl urnning around in a purple shirt, tan skirt, and knee high socks purple and gold! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be going to the Philly regional again this year, last year was great, can’t wait to win, glad there is a competition this weekend too (LI).

I’ll be there with all my firebirds! I’m so excited! (one week) :yikes:

“The Pelan Tour 2005”

Good use of Pelan

I’ll be there again as the Head of Queuing, so if you want to find me i’ll be at the field entrance with the walkie-talkie and probably not much of a voice as the competition goes on.

A little Birdie on my shoulder told me there is going to be a really cool video after the awards on Saturday. Also, I’ll be volunteering at the event, and may or may not have anything to do with the video. That all depends on your opinion of the video.

lol wow ain’t we a lil to confident! :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

can’t wait to see the video! i love u guys Moe!!! I see u guys at every competition i ever went to so far even at the FLL at my school!!! you guys rock! i love that kidd with he glasses, hes always joining us to dance! lol hope i see u dancing man

whats Pelan??
oh my god u have the penguin thingie!!! i love that!!! I’m obsessed with penguins it scares people, I’m actually making a penguin pot in school…hehehe

Pelan = my last name…he was referring to my signature. See you there once again everybody :slight_smile: . Now, I feel a sleeping implement calling my name…good night.

There is no such thing as too confident.

Will it be webcasted?

Unfortunately no one can be shown the Philly Regional. You have to see it for yourself.

As Pelan and Matt said 177 will be there. It should be a good regional. I know we enjoyed it last year, and not just because we won.

You probaly are talking about Bernie, although many fit the description “dancing MOE kid”.

I will be a robot inspector again this year, so I might just inspect your bot. See you all there.

yeah didn’t he mentor an FLL team? i remember seeing him there and him dancing making the middle school kidds dance. I’ll keep and eye out for ya! if u see a short Asian girl running up to u and saying hi and acting all weird, thats me, i get to hyper lol