Our team is having trouble controlling the pressure on our return; we have two actuators and when we release the air our system just falls , any advice?

Place a flow control on your cylinder on the retracting side of the mechanism.

We like these: Part number SMC - AS2052F-07

Just cut the tubing on the proper side of the cylinder and insert this, dial it down to the level you want and you’re good to go.

Edit: you also could have ordered some from FIRST Choice that screw directly into the cylinder. I’m guessing that since you aren’t already using them, you probably didn’t order them. Try asking local teams or checking with local industrial supply shops. The one that most teams have on hand is pictured in the bottom left here.

Could you describe what you system looks like, and what it is doing in a little more detail? It is a bit had to understand what exactly is happening.

BTW, pneumatics.

Could you clarify what you mean by “our system just falls”? Do you mean that that actuators provide little resistance and they retract because of gravity?

Pictures might help, if you have them.

Describing more of your pneumatic system, with pictures will help more. Be more specific with the term “falling”

What are you trying to control with the actuators?

What is the stroke and bore on your cylinders?

Are you using Single or Double Solenoids?

Are you using flow control/bleed valves on your actuators?

Is there any way we could order this part from Andy Mark?


Flow Control elbow
Flow Control in-line

Yes our actuators just fall due to gravity if there is anyway you know how to control that that would be great!

We have to 8" pull 1’’ bore actuators with both acting on single solenoids

Just be aware that the flow control elbows from Andymark are bi-directional. They will slow down your cylinders going up, as well as going down. If you have problems with cylinders moving to fast in one direction, a better approach is to use a meter out flow control valve on the exhaust side of the cylinder. This slows the air leaving the cylinder (but only when moving in that direction) and a controlled drop. Just be sure to install them in the correct orientation (they usually have arrows to indicate the unrestricted flow direction). Restricting the air coming into the cylinder can sometimes lead to jerky motion.

were already using them, and were still getting to much exhaust

You’ll need to either attach any images (if under 2MB), or upload them to some image host site.

Then you need to adjust them or replace them, you can close the valves completely and let no air pass through at all on several of the types listed.

If your cylinders are retracting due to gravity (and I am assuming a loss of air pressure), you may not have enough storage. How many/what size air tanks do you have? Are they on the high pressure side or the working pressure side? Have you done thorough leak checks and how quickly does your pressure drop?