Phoenix! A Grand Melee!

Alright, so no one seemed interested in the Magic: The Gathering tournament (although I suppose we could set one up on the fly if there’s really a demand.
So the game plan is this: Best Western hotel in Phoenix. Anyone who wants to show up can. The good folks at Team 990 will try to provide Two Cubes complete with eight controllers and two copies of Melee, but no guarantees past the first Cube with 4 controllers. We would appreciate any other possible Cubes that could be added to the greater good of gaming goodness. I would suggest planning on “keeping it in the team” meaning all controllers and games hooked up to a cube should belong to a member of that team (that way if someone accidentally takes someone else’s stuff home, it doesn’t have to be shipped across states–also leads to less confusion). The general idea so far is two have 3 divisons for a tournament: One on One tournament, Free for all tournament (top two of four advance, final two go at it one on one), and a team tournament (FAK and me wish we could practice, but oh well).
So that’s the plan. Try to give me some feedback here so we can know what to expect, at least as far as teams with active members on this board.