Phoenix Tuner and Repeating CAN IDs across vendors/devices

We’ve been running into a strange issue where Phoenix Tuner will successfully connect to the roboRio and deploy the diagnostic server, but will not list CAN devices if two separate devices (with different device types/manufacturers) share the same CAN ID.
8x Spark MAX on swerve drive assigned ID’s 1-8
4x CANcoders assigned IDs 1-4

All devices have been successfully connected to individually using the Rev Spark MAX client and Phoenix Tuner on a testbed, and changed from their default ID of 0 as described above.

However when connected to Phoenix tuner, no devices show up at all. When the Spark MAX are removed from the CAN loop, we are now able to see all CANcoders. If we switch the CANcoder IDs to 9-12 and add Spark MAX back to the loop, we can still see all CANcoders (and the spark MAX are available via the Rev Client).

Any idea what is going on here? We are still able to extract data from the CANcoders even if they share an ID, but just can’t see them in Phoenix tuner unless they were isolated.

My best guess is that when you removed the spark Max’s and added them back in, you fixed a loose CAN connection somewhere.

Now that you can see all of the can coders using phoenix tuner, try changing just one of the ids of the can coders back to 1-4 and see if you can replicate the previous issue.

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