Phoenix Tuner CAN Issues

Our team (5182) is using 5 solenoids on our robot this year so we have to add a second pcm. I am currently trying to program my program to use the second pcm for the last solenoid but the CAN on the pcm’s doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve got Phoenix Tuner up and it isn’t seeing any devices on the robot. I’ve tried only plugging in one but that still didn’t work. I also saw a post that said to directly CAN wire the pdp to the rio and tried that and still didn’t see any devices, am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with my CAN wiring?

If you’re using Phoenix Tuner v1, does the server number version appear in the bottom right? If not, that means it’s not connected to the diagnostic server running on your roboRIO successfully.

No, it seems like it says “Unknown” in the corner. Here is a picture of my Phoenix Tuner.

We had the same issue trying to use that version of Phoenix Tuner. Try using Phoenix Tuner X instead.

Is your roboRIO on the latest image (v2023.3.1 I believe)?

Also make sure you firewall is turned off.

I have updated the image on the RIO, and also used Phoenix Tuner X. It worked, and I am able to see the PDP and PCM, but I am still unable to see the second PCM. The CAN is wired up through it and it has power. I did see that the second PCM doesn’t have a compressor or pressure switch wired because they are wired into the first PCM. Are we able to splice the wires from each to go to both or is there some other way within the rules to wire the second one?

Also, after testing, I’ve realized that for some reason, the robot is alternating between the two PCM’s. I can hear a click sound and then any inputs that might run through the first PCM are delayed until it clicks again. Also, because of this, the compressor is stopping and starting over and over again when it switches between the two PCM’s.

What is the state of the status LED on the second PCM?

I was able to fix the issue. The problem was that the first PCM and the second PCM both had the same CAN ID so they were recognized as the same item on Phoenix Tuner X. I took the second PCM out of the CAN line and then changed the ID of the first PCM. Now both of the PCM’s show up and we don’t have problems, thanks for all the help!

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