Phoenix tuner is not saving CANCoder configs

Hello, we have a problem with our Phoenix tuner and it not saving our configs. We want to set 4 CANCoders to have a true sensor direction (standard is false) and the sensor initialization strategy to bootToAbsValue (standard is bootToZero) we have clicked save, but every time we close Phoenix tuner, they reset to the standards. Any ideas?

I’m not seeing the issue you’re reporting on my setup. What versions are the following?

  • Tuner (found in upper left of the application)
  • CANcoder (found in CAN Devices tab)
  • Diagnostic server (found in lower right corner of application, be sure to include date)

Are you running a robot application and continually setting its configs?

We were on an older version, and we updated. It is working now, thanks for the help.

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We’re having a similar issue. We’d like our Sensor Initialization Strategy to be set to BootToAbsValue, but it resets to BootToZero whenever the robot is power cycled. We’re using Phoenix Tuner X version 2023.1.2.0 and running Version (Phoenix 5) on our CANCoders. The server version is Jan 6, 2023.

I would recommend using the .exe program, while it doesn’t look as modern, it has better functionality than the X version. Software

You can download it from there. If you need help navigating the interface, just let me know.

That’s where we started tonight and thought we needed the Phoenix Tuner X. Looks like both can be used.

So are you saying that you went to the “Config” tab in Phoenix Tuner, changed the setting on one of your CANcoders from Boot to Zero to Boot to Abs Value, clicked “SAVE” and then the CANcoder would boot to absolute value on a power cycle?

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Exactly, you can also update the firmware using the tuner too.

Right - we did all of these things in that order and found that power cycling reset the settings to “BoottoZero”. Any advice / help is appreciated.

Try power cycling the bot in between every cancoder flash. This should work, that’s what we did earlier at our meeting.

Can you tell me what is meant by “in between every cancoder flash”? Does this mean change the setting on ONE CANcoder, SAVE, then power cycle?


Okay. We will give that a try and report back. Hopefully with good results.

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Good luck

Are you sure it’s not your code resetting it? If you call configAllSettings without setting the initializationStrategy, it will default to BootToZero.

For anyone else who may come across this thread - be sure to restart your computer after installing the latest framework and tuner software.

The changes stick now when power cycling. Thanks everyone!

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