Phoenix tuner not picking up the CAN devices

Last week we had set up the CAN devices and updated 2 motors (let’s call this motor set A). I even set the CAN IDs, and then disconnected motor set A and connected motors that were connected previously.

When we later tried again to connect the motor set A again and test that they were showing up, they no longer did. Phoenix Tuner kept hanging when trying to install the Pheonix Library/Diagnostics, though it said OK in the bottom right. Is there something I’m missing? The docs say 5 mins, but I waited nearly 20 and the reinstallation doesn’t change the slightest.

First time I did it, it took the expected 5 mins. I even tried uninstalling – no luck. The test diagnostic worked, indicating it was connected properly with the right ip and all (connected over USB.

Anyone know what I’m missing? Lmk if I said anything wrong, thank you!

– as a note, when I first set up motor set A I gave them the same CAN ids as the original motors motor set A had replaced at that time.

Are you still facing this issue?

I am, unfortunately. Would you happen to know something I could do to fix this?

I am not an expert, but we had a similar issue this week and were able to debug it with this procedure. (I don’t have our robot here at home, but I will try to recall what we did. )

Step 1: Confirm the Phoenix Tuner can see a simple CAN configuration. Create the simplest CAN loop possible with just the roboRIO and the PDP wired with CAN. Bring up the Phoenix Tuner. The Tuner should see the PDP. If it does not then it is likely that some software is not installed correctly. (Or the PDP could have a issue.)

Step2: Don’t put in a motor control yet. Turn the robot off. Add in a Pneumatic Control Module. Turn the robot on. Refresh the Tuner. Can the tuner see the PCM? If not, reboot the robot and try again.

Step 3: Add in a single motor controller to the CAN loop. Reboot/Refresh etc.

Step 4: Add in the other motor controllers. Reboot/Refresh.

The type of motor controller you are using may be significant. What controller is giving you the issue?

(We actually had two issues. One was simply poor wiring. The other was a problem with the PDP CAN termination. )

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