Phoenix tuner over something besides USB

When setting CAN devices, our USB cable tends to flake out when connected to the RoboRIO. Is there any way you can use Phoenix tuner over ethernet?

EDIT: I have looked around the web for a bit and found nothing of use as there is no readily available documentation on this issue.

Yes! You can connect via WiFi or ethernet, but you have to manually input the IP of the RoboRIO. You can find the IP of the RoboRIO in the Diagnostics tab of the Driver Station. In the image further down, it is the number in white, next to 6. On the first window of Phoenix tuner (1st image below), in the field where it says Diagnostic Server Address or Team Number, type in the IP address of your RoboRIO. Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense.


That is really cool! Thank you so much!

Just enter your team number where is says “Diag Server Address or Team Number”.

Or enter your roboRIO IP address if that is known. But team number will work so long as the NI DS software (or similar mDNS solution) is installed.

There was also an update to improve how this feature works…

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