Phoenix tuner to labview

I have configured all my Talon SRX in the Phoenix tuner and got the Id numbers I want but how do I move those into labview or connect them to labview.?

I recommend you check the following topic where I address a similar question you had:

Is this concern a different one?

I have it wired like you showed in your example but on my talons I get this little red arrow

That indicates the numbers are of the wrong type and are getting converted or coerced into the corrected data type. That’s because you took a generic numeric constant from the palette, rather than use what the vi specifically needs.

The better way of creating those numbers is to right-click on the vi’s input node and select Create -> Constant from the popup menu. That generates the correct data type for each individual input.

There are a number of different data types to represent integers or floating point numbers, to deal with various precision and magnitude the numbers can take.
For instance, the Device Number for the Talon Open is going to be a relatively small number 0-n that only requires 16-bit data storage.
But the Numeric Constant you chose is a 32-bit representation to handle larger numbers.
So the red dot indicates that LabVIEW is converting that 32-bit constant into the required 16-bit constant.

As @Mark_McLeod says, those are Coercion Dots, which indicate a data type mismatch (for example if you connect a double floating point to a terminal that expects an integer).

It is not an error, but rather LabVIEW letting you know it is performing a cast or coercion in that terminal.

Thank you I’ve figured it out now!!