Phoenix update?

Any updates on who looks good (besides team 60, that’s a given)/how things are going? Anyone want to take me up on my dew offer? Is everything running well?

Oh and if you are at Phoenix, don’t forget to stop by team 294’s pits and nominate someone for our GP award

Stuck at home

Well Phx this year is looking like its gonna be a great regional, a lot of great designs, friendly teams and awesome strategys, some teams to watch 980, 60,80,987 and i don’t want to be partial but team 498 was looking great too, please everyone post to agree/disagree and to add other teams but over all, every team could be a contender.

Yeah, if we were there I bet we could do a lot better. LOL :smiley: Good luck everyone!

Cool, thanks. Did you happen to see 294 (3-pronged grabber)? I’m extremely nervous because they were supposed to make major repairs to the arm today (involving taking it apart, maybe machining something, and putting it back together again). I’m also nervous because wheather or not we go to championships is largely based on this (we have payed the entry fee but we may drop out).


We had a practice match w/ them and it wasn’t working then,but right after that match 294 was on the practice field in the pits and i thought i saw it pick up a tetra and cap a goal. Ill find out more today.

Does anyone know how team 1212 is doing? I am a college student and was not able to go to the Az regional this weekend. Thx

Any word on today’s awards/rankings?

[edit]Not to mention 294’s progress?[/edit]

Actually, 60 is not doing so well. You are beating them:

Edit, these standing may not be accurate, see daniel’s post below.

The rankings say we are 2-3-0, but we really are 4-5-0, nor were we ever 2-3-0, we were 2-2-0, than 3-2-0.

It seems like all of these are backwards, I got a PM from Ken Loyd that said we are really 5-4-0.

After nine matches here are eight really nice robots in no particular order: 498, 980, 1492, 1266, 580, 294, 987, 60. All are very nice cappers. Tomorrow will be FUN!


PS 1212 is doing very well.

Good to hear we’re on the list :slight_smile: . Would you happen to know if/when the rankings are going to be fixed? How about awards?

Yea some of those matches on the first website are wrong like for instance Q42 the final match of the day the red aliance accually won 28 - 27 but it says the blue won so i dont know whats wrong

Alliance selections should be over by now. I wonder if they’ll load those and update the last few matches on the rankings (11th=good for us but our last match was against 60).


So who were the regional/award winners?


I was wondering what the alliance parings were as well. I was wondering how each one did. I was wondering if the FIRST website would update the match results as well.

It appears to have been updated, but the matches are wrong. For example, look at SF 1-1, where an alliance playes itself.

look at the finals where 1212 is vs 1212 so that makes very little sense to me. O well we will have to see when someone comes back from the regional.

Well, I am quite annoyed at the
A. Weird formatting of the matches
B. The fact that FIRST has not yet posted the awards, and
C. That no one is home yet (curse my impatience).


So who won the Az regional? Does anyone know considering people are posting scores from Az but no results on who won

It’s been about 4 hours since the regional ended and there’s no scores or match results.

It’s been about 7 days since last week’s regionals and most have no scores or match results.