Photo Challenge #1!!!

OK New game idea, yes this is kind of copied from Rick Mercer :smiley:

Take the photo posted each week and turn it into something goofy! Then I’ll post the scores :smiley: LOL also kind of like the unofficial caption contest by billfred

anyway, this weeks photo is JVN eating a hexbug!!

The deadline is next tuesday (Feb. 12th)

Oh yes and ill be keeping a log of all the entires and posting them on a website or something

you sound mad :yikes:

lol ive seen these b4 and some hilarious things can happen :smiley: thats why i started one, any one gonna participate?

for example see

i posted on the pic and started the thread

and i did understand the last link

Reminds me of the CD photoshop contest. It only ran for 8 contests, all found below:

lol didnt see this, oh well why not continue it?

The reason it wasn’t continued was because some of the photoshopped pictures were getting offensive.

ahhhh i guess that explains it…ok then kind of bad idea :frowning:

Also, I have a memory like a sieve and would often forget to judge the contest and post a new picture… The biggest cause was the issue you stated though. I still believe that it is possible to have a photoshop contest without problems, but it would probably require a moderated manner of posting entries, which is probably more trouble than it is worth.

Wow… all these posts and no other links for the new picture

:slight_smile: wonder what that is saying