Photo Needed: Driver's View of Sandstorm

Hey everyone,

I’m creating a presentation about this year’s game and I am in need of a picture of the driver’s view of sandstorm.

The ideal picture needed is an “over the shoulder view” of what the driver sees during sandstorm (and yes I know they see the black curtain, this is what I am trying to present).

I know this is a super odd request but it would be greatly appreciated if you have anything close to what I mentioned above.




Matt, nice try, but that’s not sandstorm that’s just inside your refrigerator with the door closed.


Here’s one from Tech Valley.

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Kim Eckhardt takes a bazillion photos of New England events. These might help you out:


I saw this one coming… LOL

Perfect! Thanks a lot!

Wow these are great, do you mind dropping a link to where I can find more?

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Are you speaking from experience? Do you need me to call someone? Knock twice if you’re in danger!

Dan Ernst takes some fantastic photos of FIM events every year, here is the link to his flickr:

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Heh. I was just trying to post links, but the forum was “smart” enough to just turn it into an embedded image, but not make it a link to where I got it from. I’ve edited and hopefully it’s just normal links now.

There’s a ton of FIRST photos on Kim’s Flickr:
I just looked through NEDCMP for those, but you can probably find others on the other competitions from this year.

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That’s not a refrigerator. It’s too big to be a refrigerator… I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Here is a video I took during practice matches.

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Not from experience per say, I put my phone on the fridge after setting it to take a delayed photo with no flash. Looks just like Matt’s picture.

All of Kim Eckhardt’s photos are on Flickr under her account:

She seems to cover about 5 events in New England each year.

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