Photo Of Electronics

Does anybody here have a really good photo the there robot’s electronics that they would like to post? I would just like to compare it to what I have done to prevent mistakes. thank you.

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You can find a picture of the electronics here. It was on

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Jason Law

I posted a few pictures on my blog of our hardware as we were getting it working. If you click on the picture you’ll get a larger version.

Click here to view my blog post.

Thanks for that.

Check the discussion in this thread -](

(click on the image to link to the full-size version)



wow, that is really well wired/organized! that looks great!

If only our robot was that organized maybe we could have fixed our robot before regionals ended

Pictures of the new control wiring

We slapped it on a piece of plywood and duct tapped it to the top of last years robot. We only used the control portion and connected it to the existing pwm wires. Quick and easy and we were able to test many aspects of the system including the camera.

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Here’s a few more links to other control systems that I’ve found (here on cd), just in case you still need them. :]

Jason Law