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Just a quick question, I attended a waterloo Regional Competetion in 2007 and i tooook some good Pictures. Now here is the Case. I have a physics project where we have to take pictures and send it to either CAP(Canadain assisciattion of physicists)and TDSB Throught the lens. But the thing is the picture i selected have 2 other team mambers From(Team 68 and 2076) which i dunt know. Now, TDSB ppl are asking for media release if the picture has some ppls. My question is if i can send it to them couz ususally,if you go to the competetion you have to sign a Media release form for FIRST.I would say it should be okay.but i just want to ask what should i do. I really like that picture and sadly i cannot edit that picture.Can someone suggest me what to do.I will post attach the picture with this so you can refer to it. (1.58 MB) (1.58 MB)

yes, you can send the pictures. Every team has to sign a media release, otherwise how could they have aired over NASA tv?

From the FIRST “Release” document:

I hereby grant to FIRST, to FIRST’s Cooperating Entities, and to the press and media admitted into FIRST Events the right to photograph, videotape, or otherwise digitally collect my likeness, voice and sounds (as “Works”) during my participation at the FIRST Event(s). I further acknowledge the Works by FIRST and the FIRST’s Cooperating Entities to be works made for hire, and otherwise irrevocably assign and grant to FIRST and to FIRST’s Cooperating Entities all rights in these Works and the right to use or sublicense these Works and my name, likeness and biography, in FIRST’s discretion, in all media and in all forms and for all purposes, including without limitation, advertising and other promotions for FIRST or the FIRST’s Cooperating Entities, without any further consideration to me or any limitation whatsoever. It is a FIRST policy not to print a minor’s name with his/her picture without specific permission from his/her parent or guardian.

You have a personal photo, which could become a public media image not covered by the FIRST release. If someone is asking for a release, I’d contact FIRST and request to be included in their “Cooperating Entities” clause.

thanx for everybody for their feedback, The picture is not really clear with those ppl(blurry) Would it be possible to cut one person and to show the ppl who are standing far end of the corner.

Bilal Shahid

that would be editing the photo, and in journalism its highly frowned upon.

  1. You can Contact FIRST to be included in their media release
  2. you can track down every single person and get their approval.
  3. you could blur the faces.



Thanx for the suggestion,

But does the blurring the face would known as editing a photo?