PhotoEye sensor, allowed?

Photoeye sensor referring to the sensor which most vending machines use to see if the item has dropped. We are looking at using 3 of these to determine if we have balls in our storing area or not. Instead of normal kill switches.

I’m assuming that it would be allowed as it is only a Digital signal but before we use any I’d like to make sure. I can’t seem to find anything in the manual prohibiting them.

So long as they do not violate any of the electrical rules, they are legal. Our team will be using them.

Alright, sounds good. Thanks!

Where do you find these Photoeye sensors?


As long as you use IR you should be fine, there are laser beam break sensors that serve the same purpose, these would have been illegal in previous years based on the ban on lasers. I am not on a team this year and have not verified this rule still exists.

If it’s a Class I laser, it has an exception from R08-D

Robot parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, cause an unsafe condition, or interfere with the operation of other Robots.

Examples of items that will violate this rule include (but are not limited to):
Shields, curtains, or any other devices or materials designed or used to obstruct or limit the vision of any drivers and/or coaches and/or interfere with their ability to safely control their Robot
Speakers, sirens, air horns, or other audio devices that generate sound at a level sufficient to be a distraction
Any devices or decorations specifically intended to jam or interfere with the remote sensing capabilities of another Robot, including vision systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infra-red proximity detectors, etc.(e.g. including imagery on your Robot that, to a reasonably astute observer, mimics the Vision Target)
Exposed lasers other than Class I.
COTS devices with completely enclosed integral lasers, such as a laser ring gryo, are permitted.
Flammable gasses
Any devices intended to produce flames or pyrotechnicsHydraulic fluids or hydraulic components

Teams should provide MSD Sheets for any materials they use that might be considered questionable during Robot Inspecttion.

Other electrical rules would still apply, though.