Is there anyone here that love to do photography as a hobbie. If so how did you learn and if you want to show off your work please do =]

I wouldn’t say its a hobbie… but I have done some… My dad has a cannon D11 and it is wonderful.

Here is a gallery of some HDR picture i have taken with it.

All my cameras are Canon.

I’m a Nikon man. I have always use Nikon. 35 years and counting.
But I believe Nikon and Canon are two of the best :smiley:

Here’s some of my work:

there are some great books available but I always found the best thing to do was look at photos others have taken. Look at the composition, the light, the camera angle. In some of those most spectacular shots ever the photog had waited sometimes for weeks, before everything was just right. National Geographic photogs shoot several hundred to several thousand pictures for each one that ends up in the magazine. As a matter of fact, National Geo has a book or two on photography that you should check into. Everyone has their favorite camera. It is their old friend, one that they can depend on, one that they know the features they use daily. But it is not the camera that makes a great shot as much as they person behind it. My camera of choice for most of my life was a Hanimex Pratika. I knew what it could do and what it couldn’t but it felt good in my hands. My family gave me a Canon Rebel XT which has some incredible features but for everyday stuff, my wife’s Sureshot is what gets turned on.

Build season is a great opportunity to take some timeless photos.

Some of my favorites so far -

Pentax, im surprised that that wasnt an option on the poll.

I had a bunch of great lenses from my 35mm cameras (2 very nice 50mm’s a nice 28mm, and some various zooms.) so i decided to take a look at pentax when i was shopping around. Now my camera lineup is a Pentax SuperProgram, Pentax K1000, and a Pentax k2000.

I am pretty good in a conventional darkroom (photo paper, developer, stop bath, fixer, enlargers, etc) and alot better in Photoshop.

I started out in news shooting stills and ended up in video as there wasn’t enough money in stills for me but I sure will I could get back into it.

The one bit of advice I got from a photo editor back then was “fill the frame”, think about it, fill the frame, no matter what you are shooting, position and angle that lens until you have filled the frame, any open space is wasted space.

I still use that in video today, I can’t pan and zoom if my life depended on it but I see my video frame as a still photo and I am always composing that picture.

Try that even at competition or in the pits, whatever you are photographing front and centre, what is filling all that open space around the main object? Try it, leave no open space.

Thats what works for me anyways, as well as some creative camera angles as well and sometimes you have to do that to fill the frame.

Now if only I could learn this new quick camera movements style of shooting that everyone is going with in video these days, I need a super wide angle lens to start and need to acquire the attention span of a squirrel and maybe then I will master than, fell flat on my nose trying it last year but maybe that’s what I will work on at this year’s waterloo and GTR regional.


Nice photography! I just took a look at you’re links here and I see you really fill the frame with each shot resulting in the most visual information in each frame and leaving no wasted space, nice workshop too, wish I had that;)

I enjoy taking some photos and everything, I have always purchased Canon’s Myself(just your simple point and shot ones, but I want a nicer one in the future, but money is an issue).

Also with my University they have a program called Fresh Fotos, which they choose 12 freshman to photograph their freshman year experiance. With this they gave us a simple point and shoot Nikon but sometimes I use my Canon. Which ever one seems to be handy.
I shall be getting my January picks up there later today when I’m done at work. Hopefully

I mostly use a Kodak Pro14 I have had several years. A good SLR, with 14.5 mega-pixels… you can blow up the pic to really large sizes. Great detail. The actual pics are too big to attach or upload to most places, but some are available at (click on family at the bottom of the page, and take a look at “reunion” pics).

Great info =] i would like to find that national geo book

thatts a pretty nifty website =) i love it