Photon Vision Camera Losing Pipeline Configuration

My team is having issues with Photonvision and can’t find any solutions online. We can configure the Pi camera that the photon vision is running, we can configure the pipeline and save it for later. We can programmatically select the pipeline. The issue is the pipeline configuration changes between power cycles. When we bring up the camera after power cycling the exposure in the web interface seems to be brought up to around 50 even though the configuration shows 2. Once we change a configuration option it resets the configuration on the camera. Has anyone seen this or have a solution to the problem? Right now, we have to bring up a browser and connect to the camera in and change a single attribute to fix our camera,

Have you asked in the discord? The devs there are usually quicker to respond.

We did not think to check there, thanks…

@democat Attempted to join the Discord server. It says the link is invalid. Could you send a new invite link please?

I just double checked this link, and it is permanently valid. Try again perhaps

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