Photon vision detecting the color red

I’ve been messing around with the photon vision for the past few days and ran into an issue. The hue slider makes it very hard to detect red. The hues needed for detecting red are on both sides of the slider meaning I am not able to detect both ranges of hues. Anyone have a solution for this?

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This is a known issue, and something we’re looking at options to resolve right now. We’ll make an update post once we have this fixed.


Is there any update on this by chance?

The feature is finished and merged into main, but we haven’t quite cut a release yet.


Looking at the commit, it looks like you can define a range with the slider and then either make that “include” the range or “exclude” the range, correct? If so, that’s a great way to implement it, especially from a UI standpoint. Simpler that having something like multiple slider pairs. I love simple solutions, it’s always elegant!


The commit that adds a hue inversion feature to address this is part of the latest release, 2022.1.5.

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