Photon Vision Lib for LabVIEW

Here is a repository for a LabVIEW port of PhotonVisionLib for LabVIEW. Download the NIPKG file and double click to install. Menus are put in the LabVIEW “Third Party” palette.

It contains the PhotonCamera and PhotonUtility functions, and some others. Each VI has standard Ctrl-H help.

I haven’t implemented the Simulation routines or the examples yet.

Also I haven’t done much testing with this. Please report any issues through github.

I’d be happy to pass this along to the PhotoVision team for inclusion in their repository. I thought it was important to get it out into the community first.

Happy roboting.


I would suggest joining on Discord so we can discuss it. I think there is interest we would just want to get it tested and figure out a plan for maintenance.

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I just added a new release. It fixes a bug in the tracked target parsing (degrees vs radians) and adds a bunch of convenience functions for PipelineResult and TrackedTarget.

If you used the initial release, get the updated one.

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Added a new release 2022.3. This fixes a problem with Utility Calc Distance To Target. It also adds a couple of new convenience functions.



  1. This library has been updated for the new 2023 packet format. I did some fairly extensive testing against photonvision beta 6.

I have not tested against the released version yet. It would be great to hear from others on what they have seen.

  1. This requires the "WPILibLabview Math library. (This is the same as the FRC Trajectory / Control library. It was renamed in consultation with others. ) GitHub - jsimpso81/WPIlibMathLabVIEW: FRC LabVIEW control and trajctory library

  2. The WPILIB LabVIEW Math library has the updated vision utility routines – similar to the WPILIB for other languages. There provided slightly more accurate positions and use the new 3d geometry routines.