Photon Vision resets configuration to default

Our team uses PhotonVision to detect April Tags. We have one of the Arducam OV9281 cameras connected via USB to an Orange PI5 processor and power the Orange PI from a 3A 5V power supply.

We went through 2 regional competitions with no problems. However, just before the second competition Photon vision reset the camera name and configuration to the name of the the Arducam and “reflective tape” for the target type. The config looked just like the default when Photon Vision was first started and we connected the camera. This of course broke our vision targeting controls.

Yesterday we saw this problem again… only now the failure is becoming more and more frequent. We could run our robot 1 to 3 minutes and the configuration would be lost… or it would be lost when we replaced the robot battery. This makes Photon Vision unusable for competition next week.

We started troubleshooting and replaced items one at a time… from easiest to physically hardest to replace. First, we replaced the Orange PI with our backup and we still experienced the problem. Then we replaced the power supply and the USB cable from the Orange PI to the camera… still had the problem. Lastly, we replaced the camera were able to run for 3 minutes and power cycle the robot and we did not see the problem. We ran out of time for any further testing but we will continue later today.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any fixes?

I’ve checked the software rev level of Photon Vision vs the latest official release and we are current. We’ve replaced all of the hardware in the vision system. I’ve looked at the Photon Vision’s issue log on Github and did not see anything noted.

PSA for PhotonVision Teams (Settings Loss Bug) - Technical / PhotonVision - Chief Delphi

After replacing camera we ran almost continuously for a couple of hours without failure. Fingers crossed.

I would prefer that a configuration never be reset to default or deleted once configured. Losing this is especially tedious for those doing camera calibrations.

Thanks for your response.

Haha yeah, that is the desired behavior. It’s been tough to root cause it, but some of the fixes in the thread should help for now.