PhotonVision 2022 Official Release

we liked photon vision as well but due to randomly losing setting we went back to the limelight.

This is concerning, is there a tracking issue?

You can SCP from /opt/photonvision/photonvision_config. Your current logs might have valuable information (unless you’ve reimaged the device), so if you send them they may help.


I have log export .zip but I get error new user cannot upload attachments

Could you maybe upload to Google Drive and send the link here? Alternatively, if you upload on our Discord server and @pietroglyph#9445 (my account) then I can take a look that way.

try this Drive link:

Attempted fixes for issued 1 and 2 have landed in release 2022.1.5.

A possible fix for the setting issue has landed in 2022.1.5. It seems to have been a result of the newly-introduced roboRIO discovery blocking in some network environments and preventing the settings save timed task from running.

Thank you for this great piece of software, it’s been fun working with it so far.

We are trying to see a ball even when it’s on the same colored tape. We had a pixy 2 for ball detection but it only detects color and when it sees the tape, it sends robot flying the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, with the contour set to circle, the target is also picking up the tape and putting the whole lot in a group. Even though it sees the circle, it’s giving a yaw offset to the center of the entire group.

Is there a way to get this to give the offset to the center of the circle contour that it’s seeing?

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Ooh, bug! Sorry I didn’t catch this earlier. Tracked here:
My theory is we use the min area rectangle center for pitch/yaw when it should instead be the circle center

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