PhotonVision and LabVIEW

Good morning everyone,

Our team has decided to use a co-processor (Pi3) and photonvision for tracking. The trick is how do I find out what the network tables are called so that I can import the data using a network table read command (photonvision.hastarget?). Is it possible to view all network tables using a dashboard (smart dashboard, or default) for references. Also, how do I pass through the camera image so that I can view it on our dashboard?

Kinda a big question, but I’m driving myself nuts trying to figure it out. Thanks for the help : )

Not officially supported, but here ya go

Thanks for the resource. So is it not possible to use photonvision on a remote processor and use labview? I found that library earlier and as I understand it, it relies on the roboRio and a ported version of photonvision located inside a custom VI.

Jim Simspon has written it for labview.

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