Photonvision CalibDB Calibration Issues

Hi folks,
We’re having some trouble calibrating our Photonvision setup.

We’re using the Arducam OV9281camera with an Orange Pi 5. We calibrated with CalibDB, but when we calibrated it, the results in the linked video are shown. We’ve already calibrated 4 times again and again at this point, but it still gives these results.


Has anyone else faced this issue before?

I’ve heard that the built in calibrator for photon vision works better than CalibDB in 2024, try redoing your calibration with the built in one. We were able to configure our cameras with the built in calibrator in a quarter of the time it took us to get the CalibDB calibration done which was also quite nice.

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Yeah if you take a look at the calibration constants I’d be willing to bet that they don’t pass a vibe check. The dev release (and soon 2024.2.9) includes mrcal updates to fix non-square calibration targets and an improved incrementally expanding seeding approach which should be even better than then the current mrcal implementation.

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When we were calibrating our vision we had lots of issues with both CalibDB and the built-in mrcal calibration in PhotonVision. CalibDB worked but it took a lot of tries (and only worked in 16:9 resolutions), and the mrcal calibrations had really weird pose estimations and I didn’t trust that I was doing it right anyways.

I ended up finding this program in another Chief Delphi thread, and once we got it running (it’s a command line application, so you’ll have to be comfortable with using that) it worked amazingly at 800x600. You use the same calibration image that you use on CalibDB. I know mrcal is supposed to be the best calibration method but this one feels much harder to mess up (which I apparently did a lot of with mrcal)

Thank everyone for your help! We updated the Photon vision copy, and used the same CalibDB file, and that seem to fix the issue.