Photonvision camera stream freezing when april tag comes into frame

Running on Orangepi 5 and OV9281. The camera stream is very smooth, around 100fps with < 10ms latency. When running in 3d processing mode, the camera stream stops as soon as an april tag enters the view of the camera.

Resolution: 320x240 100fps
Decimate: 1
Blur: 0
Threads: 7
Refine edges: On
Decision margin cutoff: 25
Pose estimation iterations: 1

I know those values are far from ideal, I just lowered them as much as possible to see what could be causing the issue. Not sure what else to adjust. Apriltags detect just fine in 2d processing mode

Send logs, and then restart. This has fixed for other users, it may take some restarts.

We just haven’t gotten logs to actually properly debug this.

I had the exact same problem in one case. Restarting Photonvision (from the web interface) seemed to fix it. It was very odd; I had htop up at the time, and there was no obvious change in CPU or memory utilization when it happened.

photonvision-journalctl.txt (2.9 MB)

Do you know anything more about what causes this to happen? Log indicates a NPE from here: photonvision/ at master · PhotonVision/photonvision · GitHub – trying to narrow down why