Photonvision cant connect to robot

we are working on the photonvision v2023.1.2 and it shows us it cant connecet to robot but its backend connected. what shoud we do?

Going to need your full networking setup and whatever error messaging you’re getting.

In the future, use the PhotonVison category on ChiefDelphi.

this is what it shows us

What is your actual networking hardware? (what is connected to what)?

You need your coprocessor connected to a radio, which is connected to the roborio (network switch in the middle somewhere if you can).

What are you using for the camera? You might not have the correct drivers installed, causing the problem. Could also be a bunch of other things so we need some more context.

we install all the drivers by the Photonvision documentation…the glowarm, the java, photonvision and more…

the hardware is not the problen, because in the oldest version we connected successfully and it worked.

It’s still helpful to know for debugging purposes, otherwise I can’t do much to help.

These two questions will be helpful to answer:

  • What hardware are you trying to run PhotonVision on, is it a Gloworm/Limelight?
  • What is your networking setup?

we are working with the glowarm.
what do you mean when you are saying networking setup?
sorry for the misunderstanding

If you are working with the gloworm, follow Gloworm Installation - PhotonVision Docs. Your screenshot says you are running on a Windows PC, following the instructions above will get you setup properly (you want PhotonVision running on the Gloworm, not your computer).

After that, follow Wiring - PhotonVision Docs.

By networking setup I mean, what is connected to what in terms of networking/ethernet cables. (ex. Raspberry Pi connected to a radio, connected to a roborio would be your networking setup)>

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Our team also had connection problems in the previous seasons. Try running photon vision using a static IP address if not. This solved our issue last season.

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hi, we managed to connect to the photonvision but now it cant find the gloworm camera, we know that we need to find the IP and put it the static value in the setting. what do you suggest?

Can you explain more about what you mean by it can’t find the gloworm camera?

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we have limelight camera with the gloworm hardware on it. in the photonvision we only have one option, the computer camera, and we want to change it to the other camera.

It seems like you’re still running PhotonVision on your computer. You don’t want to run PhotonVision on your computer, you want to run it on your limelight.

  1. Flash your gloworm with PV software.
  2. Connect your gloworm to a router and give it power. Put your computer on the same network.
  3. Connect to photonvision.local in your browser or do an IP scan to find the IP of your gloworm.

You don’t need to run PhotonVision on your computer, just open up the webdashboard in your browser.

Check out photon docs, the part about networking.

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