Photonvision cant see coprocessor (happened after pathplanner update)

The name in photonvision is the same as the one I use in code. I am using a static IP address and I’ve verified that my coprocessor is setup as a static IP address, it is on I am able to wirelessly access photonvision.local:5800 yet whenever I run my code I get

PhotonVision coprocessor at path/photonvision/camera not found on NetworkTables. Double check that your camera names match!

Found the following PhotonVision cameras on NetworkTables:

I’ve restarted photonvision aswell as tried using DHCP but nothing works. It was all working fine until I updated pathplanner to the latest version. Once I did that I started getting the errors. My coprocessor used to be a read only file system but I reflashed it and set it up to not be read only aswell as setting up the static IP address to

I am on the latest version of WPIlib, pathplanner, and photonvision on the coprocessor side aswell as PhotonLib.

Seems funky.

FWIW, in the latest version, here’s the code that triggers that error:

Basically, the error happens when photonlib connects to network tables and can’t specifically find a valid heartbeat entry in the table. However, the response of “what did I found” goes back up one layer, and just looks for subtable names under /photonvision. This mismatch causes the confusing error.

While I’m not positive what would drive this symptom, the only way I can think that error message would be generated is if photonvision is indeed running on the processor and on the network, but the heartbeat entry isn’t getting updated.

EDIT: Per discord this is actually already known. There’s an issue in how we’re subscribing to topics such that requesting a list of topics includes the subscription to the non-existent topic. Same debug steps though.

In the photonvision UI, are you seeing camera feeds and identifying targets?

Can you connect in outlineviewer, and send a screenshot of what’s in the table?

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Yes, in the photonvision UI I am seeing camera feeds and it is identifying Apriltags

It shows that the camera exist and is seeing a target aswell

My team had a similar but not ideantical issue which was caused by a mismatch of photon vision version and WPIlib/photonLib version? Could we see your code/library versions and the version of photon vision your co-processor is running?

Everything is up to date including photonvision on version 2023.4.2

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Additionally, it seems to recognize in terms of errors if it sees an apriltag or not. When it is seeing one it will give a new error saying that im not setting a reference pose when i try to use it even though I do and it doesnt error when its not seeing an apriltag

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Solved, I built with WiFi and redeployed and that fixed it.