Photonvision crashes with Global Shutter Camera


We are using an RPI 3B with an Arducam USB OV9281 Global Shutter Camera. We are using Photonvision to process AprilTags. However, we are finding that when hooking up the camera, the video from the camera will stream to the photonvision web dashboard for 5-10 seconds before the RPI crashes.

We’re not entirely sure that it is crashing, but we think it is, because the Ethernet port lights on the RPI go out, and the photonvision web dashboard goes down. Occasionally the web dashboard comes back up after ~30 seconds (but the camera stream is stuck on the yellow screen with a spinner), but usually photonvision does not come back until we power-cycle the RPI.

We tried with a regular USB camera, and photonvision runs fine, so we don’t think it has anything to do with the RPI. The only change we made to photonvision was changing the ‘config.txt’ file to work with the global shutter camera.

We think this may be because the camera has an FPS of 150+, which may be overloading the RPI, but we’re not sure. Has anyone had this problem before, and does anyone know how to fix it?

(Also another minor issue that I might as well toss in: for the few seconds the camera is streaming to the dashboard, the camera seems to be out of focus/blurry. Does anyone know a solution for this?)

It sounds like you may be browning out your Raspberry Pi. How are you powering it? If you have it connected to the VRM 5V port, what else is being powered off of the VRM with it? The VRM can only provide a total of 2A at 5V. One way to see if the Pi is rebooting by connecting an HDMI monitor to it to watch the log output.

The fuzzy picture sounds like a focus problem. I believe you can rotate the lens to adjust this. If so, maybe a small dab of hot glue would be in order once you get it set where you want it. And of course, make sure the lens is clean.


2A peak current - 1.5A continuous. My team’s RPi was right at the edge of working with only a few low voltage or throttling messages.

We had similar problems, and it was power. We’re using a Pi 4 and they require 5.1v 3A, so the VRM’s 5v power is insufficient.

We are using this power supply. We had it wired directly to the PDH, but the power was swinging too much. We moved it to the VRM’s 12v 2A port and it ran very well throughout our competition.