Photonvision driving help

Hey everyone, I am a total noob here. I am trying to incorporate photonvision into my mecanum timed robot program. I have been able to get the telemetry reading data, I.E.

if (result.hasTargets()){
var target = result.getBestTarget();//find the one we park in front of
var yaw = target.getYaw();
var pitch = target.getPitch();
var camToTarget = target.getBestCameraToTarget();
var imageCaptureTime = result.getTimestampSeconds();
var camToTargetTrans = result.getBestTarget().getBestCameraToTarget();
double area = target.getArea();
double skew = target.getSkew();


but I need to know how to use that to drive to a position on the field relative to the vision target, during the autonomous periodic. Any help would be appreciated.