PhotonVision is looking for developers!

PhotonVision is looking for more developers to join our team for the upcoming season to help maintain the project and ensure teams have a quality experience in the 2021–2022 season. If you are unfamiliar with PhotonVision, you can find more information on our website,

Possible work for contributors includes bug fixes, adding features, PR review, UI updates, writing documentation, software support, and more. The following languages are used in our codebase, which you can view at :

  • Frontend
    • JavaScript with Vue.js and Vuetify
  • Backend
    • Java
    • C++ and C for the Pi Camera driver
  • Documentation
    • reStructuredText

If you’re interested in helping in any way, please join our Discord here and let us know your experience level so we can show you some first issues to work on.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.

一PhotonVision Team


Personal Testimonial:

  1. The people are friendly and open to new people!
  2. The code is well written! If you know FRC code in Java (like ~80% of you probably do), you’ll feel right at home.
  3. Contributing to open source and embedded controls and fancy-schmancy-robotics-topics is an awesome resume booster.

IE: There’s no reason for you to not help out :smiley:


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