Photonvision - Losing comms

Hi, we’ve just received our Orange Pi 5. We inmediatly installed the latest version of Photonvision alongside updating our other devices using it.
While connecting it to the robot and trying to access the Photonvision dashboard we noticed that:
-There was no camera feed even though we had checked that our camera was correclty connected to the co-processor
-Our robot was losing communications with the Driver Station
-The weird behaviour above didnt happen when we disconnected the co-processor
-We used different ethernets cables, using different ports and even an ethernet switch

The problem persisted with our Limelight, so we know it’s not an isolated problem of the Orange Pi. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks :slight_smile:

What resolution are you streaming?
Are you doing this over the OM radio? If so, is it configure to bandwidth limit?

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Orange Pi 5 = ArduCam OV9281 640x360
Limelight 2 = 320x240
Yes we are using the radio but theres not bandiwth limit
As i said, while the co-processor is disconnected we dont have any problems with the comms but they start appearing when we connect it.
NOTE: Something we noticed is that the problems worsen when using static IP(?, with it we cant event connect to the robot, with the DHCP networking at least we can try and work with it, but it still doesnt connect to the robot.

Are you using Ethernet or wifi to network to the Orange Pi? I didn’t think the Opi 5 had built-in wifi. I thought the only way to network it would be via a static IP through the robots router, so that an orange Pi plus a camera is the equivalent to an Ethernet connected limelight. I think the the unix commands

Ifconfig -a

Can tell you how you are networked.

This sounds like a networking issue, but I only have used Raspberry Pis and Orange Pi 4s with Photonvision. They both work via Ethernet or Wifi.

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As @Ubiquity said, more information would be helpful. What OS are you using on the Orange Pi 5? Are you using an ethernet switch?


Is it possible you have both the PV and LL coprocessors on the same IP?

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At least with Photon, you should be using a ethernet switch connected to the radio port closer to the power jack, and connect the roborio and whatever other coprocessors to the switch too.

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We are using an ethernet connection.

Debian Bullseye and yep we are using an ethernet switch.

I think this is the problem, i think i accidently set the coprocessor IPs the same as the roboRio’s IP :sob:

Pretty sure we are using that configuration, but i’ll double check everything.

Thanks to everyone for their responses!

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That’s definitely going to cause the behavior you’ve described. IP conflicts make computers unhappy and confused.

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Yep that was it, thank you!