Photonvision Robot Connection

We decided to work with Photonvision this year, but we are having trouble connecting the Raspberry Pi with Photonvision installed to the robot. We enabled Static IP address ending as mentioned in the Networking documentation and still getting an error about not connecting to the robot. What might we be doing wrong?


Are both the robot and pi on a static ip? Are yoh running 2023 code w/ a 2023 rio?

Have you set your team number?

Did you make sure to set your team number in the settings?

Yes, both the Raspberry Pi and Roborio are on static IP and the team number is set

Are you running 2023 code w/ a 2023 rio?

This is critical as PhotonVision 2023 will not communicate with 2022 robot code at all. We now use NetworkTables 4, which is new to 2023.

Also make sure you actually deploy workinhecode, just turning on the robot won’t cut it if that wasn’t clear.

The NT4 server has to start.

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