PhotonVision Stream Latency on Limelight


We’re having an issue running the Photonvision image on our Limelight (which I’ll need to confirm, but I believe is 2+).

All the normal functionality seems to work fine (turn LEDs on and off, pipeline tuning etc).

The thing I don’t understand what we’re seeing is that there is about 3-5 second delay in what is being streamed to the dashboard. The reports are doing something like 90 fps within milliseconds, but when looking at the stream and doing something like moving your hand or something the delay is 3-5 seconds before it’s seen.

I have no idea how to even troubleshoot the stream like this, any ideas on what knobs and wheels we can use to check?

Some of the things our student experimented with were enabling driver mode, trying out different pipelines.

One thing we’ll try when we have access to the robot again is whether or not an attached USB camera has the same issues in delay. We were working on this last night and I was basically left with head scratching as to what could be causing it.

Then our drivetrain broke, and we walked away from this problem for the night. :wink:

We see about 1 second or more delay for the ShuffleBoard display of the cameras. In a different room we got 300 ms delay (bad but not nearly as horrible).

We are using a pure LimeLight 2+ image.

Did you ever track down the source of your delay? Thanks

We actually don’t see the delay every time, restarting photonvision from scratch before the match seems to be enough to prevent the super delay.

What we actually figured out was to use other visual indicators on our driverstation that isn’t streaming the data and we just use vision to find the cargo and auto-ish aim.

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