Photonvision - switching between pipeline index

We are having trouble switching between pipelines with our code. On the photonvision website, we have two different pipelines. Our first pipeline is for reflective tape and our second is for April Tags. We have tried adding the code below:


However, the pipeline only changes if we manually change it on the photonvision website. We are also unsure of how to get the index of our pipelines. We have looked at documentation about pipelines on the photon vision website but we have not found anything that has worked.

Our code can switch through pipelines if we set the first one as 0, (ex: your first pipeline is strips, your second is tags, strips = 0, tags = 1). Hope that helps!

Our 2023.4.0 release included a robustness improvement for this feature – if you wanna give that a shot it should be much improved!

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