Photonvision USB camera help

I’ve been trying to get photonvision to work recently, but I can’t get it to run with the USB camera on our robot. The photonvision app itself works just fine with the camera on our laptop.
Using a Microsoft LifeCam 3000HD plugged into the RoboRIO. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Current Code here

PhotonVision runs on a coprocessor such as RaspberryPi or LimeLight and others have also been used. Several threads here on CD describe them. The docs describe how to setup the coprocessor and there is sample code that runs on the roboRIO to receive the target information determined on the coprocessor.


I did some digging and photonvision has released an excellent document about how to use non-limelight or picam devices on your robot, and I highly recommend you read into. The LifeCam is (photonvision agrees) best used as a driver cam, not as much a targeting pod though with the right coprocessor you’ll be able to do the same function as a limelight with perfectly fine performance.

I 10/10 recommend the lifecam for a driver cam, then using a limelight or picam for a targeting pod. They are very reliable and have good frames and resolution at the same time.


Thanks for the reference that I hadn’t read yet. This explains what I failed to specifically explain why OP was happy with the Laptop results and failed when moving to the roboRIO.

OP’s laptop is essentially a supported co-processor albeit with a screen too fragile to mount on a robot so use a mini-PC instead.

OP had the bad luck of picking a not recommended camera and nearly the only inoperable processor.

The LifeCam HD-3000 is a recommended camera. See Supported Hardware - PhotonVision Docs

True. I was following NewtonCrosbyJr lead and also making a bad assumption for the OP.
Here’s what my team liked:
HD-3000 for retroreflective tape but recently replaced mid-last-season with LL2+
Genius wide angle for driver
I liked the fast global shutters for April Tags but they have not seen real service yet.

Note that they are specifically reccomended for driver cameras, not really any other sort of tracking.

But OP’s choice of it was not “bad luck” in her or his efforts to get PhotonVision working. In fact, if they just had it lying around and randomly tried it, it was good luck, because that is one that is known to work well.

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