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I’m currently setting up a raspberry pi 3 for use with the photonvision program. However while I followed the install guide (installed image, set a static ip, etc.) I can’t connect to the web browser menu. So far I’ve tried it with and without an ethernet connection, on and off school wifi, and checked my static ip over and over but to no avail. What else might be an issue? the troubleshooting page in the document is less than descriptive. Thanks for any advice!

I usually recall being able to connect to the pi via ethernet cable (to a computer) with the raspberry pi powered with the flashed photonvision image in the pi. Although, today I mostly connect via a switch (and passive poe) on the robot for testing, so I may missed something. On connecting via a robot, make sure to connect to the radio through a switch (or sporadically through the second radio port). And then connect to the robot on wifi.

I hadn’t really tried much connecting directly to the pi over wifi. I think that is disabled in the image for competition, but not 100% on that either.

You won’t be able to connect over WiFi only, that is disabled on the pi image. The pi should be connected via Ethernet to the same network as the computer you are trying to connect to. Try connecting to the IP address, instead of the name. And make sure you are using port 5800.

If you set the IP address manually and you are connecting over ethernet, make sure you ethernet has an IP address in the same subnet,

Then use the IP address and port 5800

Use angry IP scanner (linked on the docs page about installation) and see if anything shows up there.

Also, the Wifi is disabled while using PhotonVision. I will be updating the Troubleshooting page soon to be more descriptive.

aaaaaand its good. Maybe I installed in a funny way? not sure but now the UI loads with the ethernet connection just fine. Thanks everyone for the help!

edit: for anyone in the future looking to solve the problem. I reinstalled the release of photonvision then connected my pi directly to the computer with ethernet. Everything boots up as intended now

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