PhotonVision's first Open Meeting

PhotonVision will be having the first of our weekly open meetings tomorrow, July 3rd, at 12pm PST/3pm EST. This meeting will take place in our Discord server (see link below).

If you’re interested in helping with development, testing, documentation or branding in any capacity please stop by and learn how to get involved!

The meeting agenda can be found on the PhotonVision Discord, and more details about PhotonVision can be found on our Chief Delphi thread, Announcing PhotonVision


I assume you mean PDT and EDT?

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Yes. Tommorow, when your clock strikes 7:00:00 PM, that’s when the meeting will be.


Thank you, I’ve worked in software engineering for an airline that doesn’t store all its dates in UTC/GMT for the last five years 5. Trust me, it matters…

To clarify, the meeting will be held at 1593802800000ms since since 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UTC.


You think I exaggerate, but I’ve had to wake up at 3:00am on a Sunday to join a call with all the big wigs of a fortune 200 Airline to debug why everything relating to Crew-member Scheduling is busted for nearly 5 hours for it turn out that someone forgot to account for Daylights Savings changing the Timezone relative to previous data in the database.


There is always a relevant XKCD…

Anyway, I apologize for taking this thread WAY off topic.

I’m actually very excited to attend this meeting!

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