Photos - 2018 Michigan State Championship

They’re posted!

FIRST in Michigan 2018 Michigan State Championship

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I’m going to post this here, since most who were at the event will look here, and I couldn’t find another MSC thread. At states this weekend, we lost our 2 programming laptops. They are black Dell computers with Grey Gaffers tape with the words Programming 1 and Programming 3 written on the Gaffers tape. Our programmer updated code between our 2 semi final matches on the DTE field, and then ran off to be human player. That was the last we saw the laptops.

I’m guessing they may have got set somewhere, and we are hoping that someone has them mixed in with their gear. We would LOVE to have these back prior to worlds so we have our most recent code. For those teams who were on the DTE field for Semi’s or Finals, or the Division Play offs, we would appreciate it if you could double check your gear for them. We’ve heard from someone that they were seen floating around during division play-offs, but we’ve yet to find them. If anyone finds them, please let me know at [email protected]. We appreciate the time you take to help us find them. Unfortunately with the ice storm we were loading in, and a last minute student injury, we lost track of them. :frowning:

Thanks!!! and Thanks Dan, for your amazing as always pictures!

These are always awesome. Thanks so much for everything you do!