Photos - FIRST Robotics 2017 Michigan State Championship

My photos from the 2017 Michigan State Championship are at:

Thanks for your patience. Having taken almost 6,000 photos over three days, it took me longer than usual to process them all.


Thank you for the always great photos! It’s a lot of fun to look at this game being played up close, and you always capture the energy and excitement of the students so well!

Anyone else getting a “404 Page Not Found”?

Nevermind, it’s just my work network.

It’s loading fine for me.

Only halfway thru and I have to say the quality of the shots don’t disappoint. Our team wasn’t fortunate enough to go to any of the districts you attended so this is the first time I’ve seen your work this year and like every year, I am blown away by the quantity and quality of the pictures. For people looking, your team will likely be in less than 1% of these pics, but each one they are in will be frame-able quality. The ones from under the airship are also great.

I was reffing on Dow and noticed someone under the airship in front of me. I radioed the Head Ref to ask if we should delay starting the match to allow the FTA to get off the field. That’s when I learned it was Dan under there. Robots pounded the airship pretty hard, but it didn’t seem to faze him at all.

Totally fearless. Great shots!

Great Work. Going through them brings back fond memories.

IKE, your memory needs a reboot from last weekend :yikes:

Amazing photographs.

Personally loving how photogenic our Drive Team is xD

Technically even a few days ago is a memory. The role of a Lead Robot inspector with a team at the event can be a bi of a blur. For instance, on Thursday at 2 pm, there was the drier’s meeting. To make sure I did not miss it, I put an alarm 20 minutes ahead of 2pm. During that window of time, I inspected 1 team, checked in on another, visited the other LRIs (including lead rope inspector), did two trips back and fourth to the field, and found another LRI to make a ruling on a team I have too much history with, then made bullet point list for driver’s speech, talked one last time with rope inspector, and reviewed the 1 last team of the division to be inspected then went to the field for the driver’s meeting.

While not all 20 minute sections were as busy as that one, most were close to that pace. and when you start at 7:30 AM and finish at the venue around 9 or 10 pm, there is a lot of stuff that kind of turns into a blur.

It is kind of like the day of your wedding. You have fond memories of very specific moments and a lot of warm feelings, but in general the event feels like a blur of fantastic friends, and tons of interactions with students, parents, mentors, volunteers, sponsors, and friends…

Last Thursday may have only been a week ago, but it was a year’s worth of memories in concentrated form…

I look forward to my next concentrated dose next week.

I for one can’t thank you enough for running around like that. It certainly helped us and once again I’m sorry that it took us soo long for the changes we made. You were absolutely great with the students and I hope they were as good to you as you were to them. I know they were busting their tails off to make the changes to add a floor pick up and you provided just the right amount of pressure on them. Excellent Job as always!

Thanks Dan! I always love seeing your photos from events.

Thanks Dan!!! I always enjoy your photos but I am a bit biased :slight_smile:

Our team is SUPER lucky to you have you around all season to catch the things we may miss or forget!!!