Photos - FIRST Robotics Competition 2017 Waterford District

I have posted my photos from the 2017 FRC Waterford District competition at:

Most teams that have been around for a while know where to find competition photos, and hear about them soon after they’re posted. But if you know of rookie teams that may not know they’re in some photos or where to find them, please help get the word out to them!

You can also find links to my photos and others’ photos at the site.

You can also find all of my robotics competition photos at

As always, my photos are free to use by the FIRST community for non-commercial purposes. (Details are on my flickr site).

I upload full-resolution files to flickr, some at over 6700x4400 pixels. When you download photos, be sure to use flickr’s download icon and choose a size that’s appropriate for your use.


Thanks for the great photos as always, Dan.

Love the shots from literally inside the airship!

Dan, thank you! As usual you do a wonderful job and have great patience. It was fun to watch you under the airship.

Anyone, are there Ann Arbor event photos anywhere? Thanks

Thanks again for the great work.

How did you convince field staff to let you sit inside the airship? I mean – I guess there is no longer a rule about no humans on the field during a match… but still though. I’d love to have our media guy under the airship.

Anyone, are there Ann Arbor event photos anywhere?

mlive took some photos, mostly of people, but it’s not as extensive as this. Anyone know of any more extensive catalogs? I know we’ll be sure to publish the photos my team took, but those aren’t ready quite yet.

Daniel Ernst is a mentor for team 469, but he volunteers as (un)official (for lack of better word) photographer for most, if not all of the FIRST in Michigan events, not just competitions. So don’t plan on asking FTA/head ref to allow your media person to go under the airship.

He is very generous of his time, since MI has 3 to 4 events each week, he attends two events (doesn’t matter whether team 469 competes at the event) and post high resolution photos. He walks around quietly and captures the best moments for all teams. Like I said before hats off to our hero, Dan.

NOTE: I am not associated with team 469.

Great pictures!!! thank you !!!

Pro tip: Although Daniel captures the student FRC experience better than anyone, his photos are also very useful to scout the competition’s robot designs. There are some neat details in the action shots. Want to know what motor or gear ratio a team is using on their intake or shooter? Wonder how someone built their structure? How does that chassis work? Grab the high-res shots and Zoom in. You’ll be surprised what you can find. Hanging robots can be very illuminating.

We need to clone Dan and distribute the copies geographically. I’d love to see his action galleries for all the cool machines from around the world.