Photos - FIRST Robotics Competition 2019 Michigan State Championship


They’re posted!

FIRST in Michigan 2019 Michigan State Championship

Find them at:
2019 Michigan State Championship

As always, my photos are free to use by the FIRST community for non-commercial purposes. (Details are on my flickr site).

I upload full-resolution files to flickr, some at over 6700x4400 pixels. When you download photos, be sure to use flickr’s download icon and choose a size that’s best for your use.




Thanks Dan!!! As always incredible photos!



Yes, amazing photos!! Thank you so much for sharing these and taking the time to get such personal and detailed pictures!



Amazing photos. Thank you so much for sharing them!



The Michigan State FRC Championship is always the pinnacle of each FIRST robotics season for me, and this one was the best yet. What an amazing group of people; students, mentors, volunteers, guests. I could not be in enough places at once to cover everything I wanted to.

I love taking photos at FIM events. We have a dedicated, friendly, tireless group of volunteers that make all our events possible, and it’s an honor and privilege to be able to work besides every one of them.

I’m also extremely grateful for the countless people who come up to me at events and tell stories about some photo of mine they found and shared and treasured. That, more than anything, keeps me going week after week.

And for any interested statisticians out there, my total photo count for this robotics season is 19,268 images captured, 6,365 images posted to albums, and 2,470,802 views in the 4 days after posting photos of each event (according to flickr).

See you at World Championship Detroit!



Great photos Dan, colorful and spot on :slight_smile: