Photos - FIRST World Championship St Louis 2017

My photos from St Louis are at:

Once again, I tried imaging as many teams from Michigan as I could, and once again there were teams I missed, so apologies to all who aren’t represented in this collection of photos.

It’s been a wonderful year! Through eight FRC competitions, FTC, FLL, pre-season, and other events, I took almost 26,000 photos - a new record for me.
Thanks to everyone for being so photogenic.
It’s been an honor to have been allowed such great access around the playing fields and the pits. Thanks to all the FTAs, and Refs, and field reset, and announcers, and all the other volunteers who put up with me; I hope I didn’t get in the way too often. And special thanks to those superheroes who entertained the idea and facilitated my access to the craziest vantage point on an FRC playing field yet!

Wait did they allow you to go under the airship for a match. That’s fricken awesome.

These are great, such a memorable experience for all of the teams,mentors, coaches, refrees, inspectors, and volunteers

I added some video. I’m not normally a “video guy”, but I was privileged to have access to some unique high and low vantage points, and wanted to share the view in more than just stills.