Photos for FIRST California

Does anybody know where FIRST California events post their photos for regionals?

My team has gone to a couple recently (Port Hueneme & Los Angeles) and I wanted to see more candids taken of our team for personal memories and to share with the rest of our members. For now, I’ve just been sifting around the internet, but it’s been tough and I want to narrow my search if possible before cracking down and going full sherlock holmes on it.

I do know that there is a FIRST California Flickr that has photos up to 2014, but I was hoping for much more recent years if possible?

Thanks to anyone in advance!

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Los Angeles did have an event photographer going around, and based on 2020 and 2022 photos should be sent to your team at some point. Unfortunately I don’t remember how long it took. As for Hueneme, no idea.

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Ooh, I see! Thank you for the info :+1:


Hello! The L.A. event photogropher is currently in the process of uploading all of the photos he took at the event, but you can find the currently uploaded ones here: 2023 LA Regionals - Matt Beard Photography

Hi! Thank you so much! I went through the page and they look great!

@jaredhk may know

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The link for LA that @jdao posted is now up to date.


Ventura: FRC Ventura Regional 2023 - Google Drive

Orange County: 2023 Orange County FRC Regional - Jared Hasen-Klein

Hueneme: Hueneme Port Regional 2023 - Google Drive

Handful of SF pictures on Facebook (though I’m sure there are more somewhere): Redirecting...

I haven’t seen official galleries posted for any of the other events, but they may be out there or may still be getting processed.


Thank you so much! This has helped a lot.

A couple more…

San Diego: FRC-SD-2023 - tlafleur

Aerospace Valley: and Aerospace Valley Regional Robotics Competition 2023 (other photographers) - Google Drive

I still haven’t come across galleries for Luan’s Northern California events (San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Monterey Bay) or Janet’s Central Valley events (Central Valley, Sacramento), but if anyone has links, feel free to share.

The FIRST CA event recaps have been posted for all CA events on the FIRST CA blog. Photo/video galleries linked in the recaps have been provided in this thread, but social media (especially Instagram stories) may have more.


Wow! Thank you so much for your help!

@smanrobotics I think you were involved in sf?

I took lots of photos at San Francisco Regional, and more at Monterey Regional. I’m still working on sorting through all of them to organize by topics and teams, select a reasonable set, and optimize the image qualify (can you say perfectionist curse). I’ll get them posted soon after Champs, and add links here.


Any idea where to find event pictures from the 2022 Ventura and Los Angeles regionals?

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For those links, see earlier in the thread.

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Here are the photos for the 2023 Central Valley Regional

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Anything from SVR or Sacramento?

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Does anyone know where we can download pics from the 2023 Championship in Houston? It was awfully dark there, so I had to use very slow shutter speeds with long telephoto lenses, so my results were far from optimal.

Here are photos from San Francisco Regional (SFR):

2023 SFR Regional - FIRST volunteers, staff, & individual awards. 68 photos.

SFR 2023 Regional - general photos (middle section is photos of individual teams, sorted by team #). 317 photos.


Here are photos from Monterey Bay Regional (MBR):

FIRST volunteers and staff. 67 photos.

General photos, these are sorted by team #. 138 photos.


What about Victoria