Photos - Howell district competition 2014

I have posted my photos from the Howell district competition at:


The fine print:
My images are copyrighted (and registered with the US Copyright Office). All private individuals and non-profit teams and organizations associated with FIRST and FIRST in Michigan are granted a free, non-exclusive license to download, print, and/or display my photos for non-commercial use, and may use them for such purposes as pit or shop posters and displays, team yearbooks, and newsletters. I retain all rights to my photos no matter where they are, and in whatever form they may take. My photos may not be used for any commercial purpose without first contacting me and obtaining a license from me. My photos may be used for editorial purposes with proper attribution.

Love these! Thank you so much!

A flawless 60 point cycle by 67, 469 and 4362 is documented in 10 pictures starting with this one:

According to the exif info on the pictures, the 60 point cycle took about 19 seconds (we don’t see the ball being inbounded, so I’m estimating it took 3 seconds).

I think this might have been how the GDC saw the game being played.

What match was this? I’d like to see the VoD.

Nevermind, found it :slight_smile:

Starts at 1:00.

I would not call it flawless, since 469 was trying to truss to the HP and their truss shot accidentally landed in our robot. :eek:

Better to be lucky than good!

Those are very good photos. I love 'em and keep it up!

Thanks for the photos. I love the pics of our human player.

I’ll have you know that the Red alliance consisted of the #1, #2, and #3 seeds (at the time).

Awesome photos as always Daniel, thanks for capturing our 3 assist with the truss catch!