Photos - Kettering 2013

I have posted my photos from Kettering 2013 at:


Copyright notice:
All of my images are copyrighted (and registered with the US Copyright Office), all rights reserved. All private individuals and non-profit teams and organizations associated with FIRST and FIRST in Michigan are granted a free, non-exclusive license to download, print, and/or display my photos for non-commercial use. I retain all rights to my photos no matter where they are, and in whatever form they may take. My photos may not be used for any commercial purpose without first contacting me and obtaining a license from me. My photos may be used for editorial purposes with proper attribution, however, I would appreciate notification of such use.

Thanks Daniel great pictures as usual!

Great Job Daniel!! I always enjoy seeing your photos.

Wow – only 600? Carpal tunnel setting in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes me feel like I was there. Thanks!


Carpal tunnel, yes. Also repetitive kneeling syndrome, toomuchphotogearbentbackitis, frisbee contusions…

Yeh – this year you probably have to be very aware of UFOs! :yikes:

I’m not sure if I’ve ever thanked you for your services, but indeed thank you for all these excellent pictures throughout the years.

My team hasn’t been very good at documenting our competitions (something we’ve been actively working on this past year) or any competitions for that mater, and your pictures have become more or less our unofficial main source of pictorial competition record keeping.

Such amazing quality too.

These photos are nothing short of extremely amazing! Thanks for sharing, Daniel!

Were you the volunteer photographer?

Thank you for the photos!!!


May I say that you had A LOT of cameras? I admire your photography skills!