Photos - Kettering University district competition 2014

I have posted my photos from the Kettering University district competition at:


The fine print:
My images are copyrighted (and registered with the US Copyright Office). All private individuals and non-profit teams and organizations associated with FIRST and FIRST in Michigan are granted a free, non-exclusive license to download, print, and/or display my photos for non-commercial use, and may use them for such purposes as pit or shop posters and displays, team yearbooks, and newsletters. I retain all rights to my photos no matter where they are, and in whatever form they may take. My photos may not be used for any commercial purpose without first contacting me and obtaining a license from me. My photos may be used for editorial purposes with proper attribution.

Thank you Dan! As always you have robbed me of the past hour and who knows how much bandwidth. :smiley:

Thanks Dan for the fantastic photos.

A few nice photos of our robot in there.

Holy fracking cow. Awesome photos!

Thank you for taking the time to do this. You always take amazing photos and I’m incredibly jealous.