Photos of 2000 FRC Robots

I’m studing the 2000’s game and I would like to see some photos of the robots that paticipated that year.
Can anyone send me some photos of your’s teams robots?


Carlos, if you click on the Picture Galleries link at the top of the ChiefDelphi page, then choose 2000, you will see a link to many photos of robots that competed that year.

all the robot photos you need right there


I would like to say: THANKS VERY MUCH!!!


Awesome resource. The pics are arranged by Team number, and the dash after that is the number of pics from that team.

so… <plug>our 2000 UTC Regional winning robot</plug> would be 237-1 since we only have one pic up there.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! That is just what I was needing!!!


Probably one of the best FIRST robots of all time is from 2000:
Chief Delphi 2000

Here is Team 121 Main page in 2000

Here are a few galleries from that year.