Photos - Wayne State 2010

I have posted my photos of the competition at Wayne State, Detroit, March 20, 2010 at:

Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures!

Thank You! I have been waiting for you to get these up and thank you in the past for doing this. You have been a real help!

Thank you so much for these pictures! You do a fantastic job with your photography skills, as these are some of the best pictures of a FIRST competition that I have ever seen. Once again, thank you so much!

Like] I said you got some really amazing pics.:cool:

Some great pics in there.

Of course there has to be a sequence where we managed to tip over in the finals :o

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! Can I submit some to our local newspaper if we credit you?

Dan Ernst is my favorite FIRST photographer. Ever.

I am always happy to see my photos used to promote teams and FIRST.

I assign a Creative Commons license of Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike to my photos, which is detailed at:

I’m usually willing to waive the Noncommercial clause for specific photos for use in commercial newspapers, magazines, web sites, etc. Please either contact me, or have the media outlet contact me, for a waiver at my gmail address: danernst.merch

Thanks for asking, and viewing.