Photosensor wire gauges

What gauge wires should we use to connect the sensors to the power distribution board. and does it need to be the white wire or can you use the black and red wires also so i don’t use up all of our pwm cables? i know there is the other thread about wiring the photo switches but i couldn’t find wire gauges anywhere.

For the PD wiring:

Although the photosensor isn’t specifically called out I believe it would fall under <R39> (F) and require a 20AMP breaker.

<R40> defines wire sizes based on breaker sizes.
20AMP --> 18AWG minimum

I don’t know the answer to your 2nd question. I’m not aware of any rules requiring a specific wire color to be used for the signal on the PWM lines.

For wiring power to it, use 18 gauge black and red wire. (red/black zip cord is my favorite, but feel free to use what you have)

For signal, I would recommend white or green. Here you can use any color, so long as you won’t confuse it with power. 24 or 26 guage is common, but you can use a range from 22 -28. (30 is too small; it will break easily. 20 is too large to fit into the PWM crimps)

I recommend you use #18 from the PD to a point where you splice all the sensor power wiring together, either using typical wire splice techniques or a terminal strip like the one you received in the KOP.